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AlifMart Buyer Feedback

 Note: Please choose from 1 to 5 ratings for each questions, 1 being lowest and 5 being highest.

  How statisfied are you with the product quality on our store?

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  How easy do you find our order checkout process?

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  How did you hear about our business?

Search Engine  Link From Another Site  Printed Media  Word of Mouth 

  Were our product pictures, descriptions, and prices clear and easy to understand?

Yes  They we're pretty easy to understand  No

  How happy are you with the purchase?

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  How often do you visit our web site?

Daily  Once a week  Once a month  Every few months  A couple times a year  Once a year

  Were you able to easily locate what you were looking for in our online catalog?

Yes  It took a little bit of extra effort  No

  How well did we communicate?

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  How likely is that would you recommend us to a friend or a colleague?

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  How is overall customer experience of our store?

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Are there any suggestions you have for our site?

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