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General Frequently Aasked Questions


Who can become a seller on

Any vendor who has existing brick-n-mortar establishment & has all necessary documentation in place for doing business in India can become a seller & list their products with eCommerce Portal. Manufacturers, Distributors & Dealers are preferred.

We support you at every step of your Online business journey right from Order receipt to product Delivery; covering product pick-up, packaging, shipping, shipment tracking and payment collection. AlifMart helps you expand your business and reach customers throughout India, which you couldn’t have otherwise achieved from your Brick-n-Mortar establishment.


Do I have to make any upfront payment for selling with

No, you do not have to make any upfront payment to us for selling your products using our eCommerce portal.


What documents are needed to register as seller?

To start selling, you need to have the following:                             

  • Individual & Establishment PAN Card 
  • VAT/TIN Number, CST to sell across India
  • Bank account and supporting KYC documents (ID Proof, Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque)


Do I need to have a Bank Account for doing business with

Yes, you need to have a Current account with a Nationalized, Private or Cooperative Bank to enable us make payments to you using NEFT/RTGS services offered by the Banks.


How do I sell on AlifMart?

  • Register yourself at
  • List your products under specific product categories.
  • Once we receive an order for items sold by you, an intimation will be done to you on your registered email & phone number, you pack the product and mark it as ‘Shipment Ready’ in our system using your seller account. Our logistics partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer.
  • Once an order is successfully dispatched, we will settle your payment within the next payment cycle.  


Do I need to courier my products to AlifMart?

No, AlifMart will handle shipping of your products. All that you need is to pack the product as per our guidelines and keep it ready for dispatch. Our logistics partner will pick up the product from you from your registered Business/Warehouse address and deliver it to the customer.


When can I start getting traction for my products listed with

As soon as we’ve jointly completed all formalities & have validated your establishment & necessary documentation and once you’ve provided the list of products along with its brochures & competitive price-list, you will be ready to go online & you can start seeing how our online marketing makes wonder for your business & its revenues.


Who are potential buyers for my product?

Any user, be it a household end-user, a small-time Entrepreneur/Trader or a business house such as Hardware retailer, Small to Medium Scale Industrial Manufacturer or even a large conglomerate.


Who decides the price of the products?

As a seller, you will set the competitive price of your products. Remember, there are other sellers who may be selling the same items at aggressive price, buyer will obviously want the best deal.


What products can I sell through

Sellers in the following categories can use our eCommerce services for doing business online:

  •   General Hardware
  •   Construction Hardware
  •   Adhesives Domestic & Industrial Use
  •   Grinders
  •   Drilling equipment
  •   Architectural Hardware
  •   Bearing
  •   Metal & Machine Cutting Tools
  •   Automobile Tools
  •   Hand Tools & Power Tools
  •   Sanitary Ware & CP Fittings
  •   Gardening and Plumbing equipment & fittings
  •   Lubricants, Oils
  •   Compressors, Pneumatic Tools & Pressure Gauges
  •   Hydraulic Tools & Pressure Gauges
  •   Lathe Machines, Cutting Machines, Punching Machines, etc.
  •   Farming equipment
  •   Pumps & Motors
  •   Paints, Enamels, painting equipment & accessories
  •   Testing tools & equipment



How many listings are required to start selling?

You can even start with just one listing and gradually increase your product listings.


Execution by AlifMart FAQs


What is Execution by AlifMart (XBA) Service?

Execution by AlifMart (XBA) is a service provided by AlifMart to deliver orders to customers from our Warehouses, provide customer service and handle returns.

Can I sell my products in India only or outside India too?

You can currently sell products in India only. Currently, AlifMart does not have a provision to sell internationally.

Is there any minimum number of items required to use XBA?

There are no minimum requirements on the number of products to use XBA.

How will you charge me for Execution by AlifMart?

Charges for execution services are included in the AlifMart fees. No additional charges are applicable.

Who will handle customer service?

AlifMart’s dedicated support team will handle customer service for all sellers.

Who will handle the installation, maintenance and repairs (all after-sales services)?

AlifMart is not responsible for any installation, maintenance and repairs of the products sold via AlifMart does not provide any after-sales services.

Who will handle customer returns?

AlifMart will handle customer returns. Please refer to the Cancellation & Returns Policy for more information.

How will customer refunds happen?

We refund to the customer and charge the same to your account.

What will happen to my unsold inventory at your execution centers?

Goods not sold within duration of 60 days since receipt of goods will be returned back to the seller.

How do we decide which products to be stored at your warehouse?

Sellers generally prefer to keep fast moving products at our warehouse and slow-moving products at their own premises.

How should I package the items for shipment by you?

Products should be packed as per AlifMart’s packaging guidelines that are shared with you via email after successful on boarding process.

Can I pass Credit to my preferred customers?

Yes, once you have authorized a buyer as a preferred buyer, buyer will be allowed to use the allocated Credit value & period as per your mutual agreement. Our system will honor your agreement & will allow customer to place order without making any upfront payment.

Who can become my preferred buyer?

Your long term customer relationship with your brick-n-mortar buyer can be brought in purview of AlifMart’s XBA system & we will create an account for your preferred buyer based on the agreed terms between AlifMart & You and between You & your preferred buyer.

How will I get the payments from my preferred buyers?

We will follow-up on email & SMS with your preferred seller to make payment as per the credit period allowed by you & will send the payment link to execute the Payment using our Payment Gateway System.

What happens when my preferred buyer fails to make a payment?

We inform you of the failure to make the payment due by the end of credit period & we expect you to resolve the payment & terms with your preferred buyer. You may increase or decrease his credit limits & credit period based on your relationship with the preferred buyer & also update the same directly using your Seller Dashboard or authorize us to do the same.